Brand & Story

Blond Bohemian is born in 2014 in France. Since I'm young, I'm obsessed by jewelry, and I was used to buy regularly new pieces. But one day, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted anymore, so I decided to design some pieces by myself. 

Then the adventure started. I produced more than I needed so I tried to sell them to my friends and colleagues. And it was a success ! I completely fell in love with designing jewelry, and spent all night and day creating new pieces. A real passion was born.

After a long solo trip in Asia, I fell in love with a small paradise in Thailand, Koh Lipe island and I decided to live between France and Thailand, my 2 homes now.

The Blond Bohemian jewelry are made in Thailand. The silver I use is made in Thailand by thai companies. The gold plating on the silver is made in France by a professional gilder based in Paris. The gold plating stainless steel that I use is from China.

The stones and pearls I use are bought in Thailand and China but they come from all over the world.

If you have any questions about my products, you can contact me by email.